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Re: newbie saying "hello"

Hi Xtopher; Welcome to the Ocarina Club (makers). I am sure I can help you, if you care to respond. First it will be very helpful to you if you. use an
Bob Wicks
May 27, 2014

newbie saying "hello"

hi, everybody! i'm new to the group and new to the ocarina. i'm actually a music major at Community College of Philadelphia, specializing in recorder(s). i
May 27, 2014


Bob, I recently became interested in making things from gourds and have made so far several rattles, a drum, and a Native American Style flute. I am interested
May 13, 2014

Re: Not gone just busy bee :)Using a GOURD

Hello Bob, Many thanks for the messages and the information. I am still trying and will report further in due course. Kind regards, Doug To:
Douglas Crump
May 13, 2014

Re: Make ocarina/gemshorn

Hello Bob, Many thanks for the email. I will have a go and report. Kind regards, Doug To: Ocarinaclub@yahoogroups.com From: bobwicks@... Date: Thu, 8 May
Douglas Crump
May 13, 2014

Re: Not gone just busy bee :)Using a GOURD

This is great. Thanks for the help. I have been experimenting ( not so successfully) with my gourds. Do you have any photos? -Judy ... This is great. Thanks
J Robinson
May 13, 2014

Re: Make ocarina/gemshorn

Hello Holger, Many thanks for the information. I will see what I can do with your assistance. I will report further in due course. Kind regards, Doug From:
Douglas Crump
May 13, 2014

Re: Not gone just busy bee :)Using a GOURD

I found the article I wrote in 2006 , but need to bring it up to date. If any of you have any questions on the Gourdarina,Don't hesitate to ask. Bob Wicks
robert wicks
May 12, 2014

Re: Not gone just busy bee :)Using a GOURD Low Sound

The first sound from wind instruments forms the basics of good sound. If the sound is Low it usually is corrected by adjusting how the air jet hits the
robert wicks
May 12, 2014

Re: Make ocarina/gemshorn

Hello Doug, the properties of a soundhole, that is the measures of the length and width and the angle of the labium (the edge opposite the windway) are similar
Holger Dietze
May 8, 2014

Re: Make ocarina/gemshorn

Doug: First is it most important to you that you. Use a goat horn to make an ocarina? I suggest that you learn to make an ocarina out of some thing that you
Bob Wicks
May 8, 2014

Make ocarina/gemshorn

Hello, As a new member of the group I enquire whether it is possible to post a message as below. Thanks. Doug "Hello, I am old guy who has only recently
Douglas Crump
May 7, 2014

problem with email

On 3/19/2014 9:00 PM, David wrote: I just wanted to send a message to thank each one of you for helping me with the ocarina messaging. I am a delayed new be.
Apr 8, 2014

Re: Identification of this ocarina? More info?

Hi Sandi, I'm wondering if you've heard anything from Alan Albright. Or if you haven't sent a message, this could be a reminder. I'm also happy to ask him a
Apr 5, 2014

Re: Test

Hi Rick, I got the message! Arenda To: ocarinaclub@yahoogroups.com From: baruchz@... Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 16:38:24 -0700 Subject: [Ocarinaclub] Test Hi
Arenda Franken
Mar 18, 2014
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