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STOP PRESS New OPERA uploaded for tonight's 29KHz test

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  • graham787
    Just when you think its all over ... it is now STOP PRESS New OPERA uploaded for tonight s 29KHz test Jose has re worked some of the decode
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 6, 2014
      Just  when you think its  all  over  ... it is now  

      STOP PRESS  New  OPERA  uploaded for  tonight's 29KHz  test 
      Jose  has re  worked  some  of the  decode process  
      If possible  , RX stations  download the  latest  version
      Previous  versions still  compatible    
    • graham787
      Just in from Bob ... set dials accordingly I am on 29.499 right now. 3 amps ant current-all appears good-Bob 73,G,
      Message 2 of 5 , Mar 6, 2014
        Just in from Bob ... set  dials  accordingly 
        I am on 29.499 right now.  3 amps ant current-all appears good-Bob

      • graham787
        First decodes G, WH1XBA https://www.pskreporter.info/pskmapn.html# AC4IU https://www.pskreporter.info/pskmapn.html# unknown OPERA 306 miles 00:18:05 WH1XBA
        Message 3 of 5 , Mar 6, 2014
          First decodes  

          WH1XBAAC4IUunknownOPERA306 miles00:18:05
          WH1XBAK3SIW-2unknownOPERA580 miles00:18:04
          KA9CFDKA9CFDunknownOPERA0 miles00:55:03
          WH2XBAWH2XBAunknownOPERA0 miles00:59:29
          K3SIW-1K3SIW-1unknownOPERA0 miles00:53:05
          WH1XBAK3SIW-1unknownOPERA580 miles00:18:04
        • graham787
          S/N levels 7-3 and 8-3 runs -43 OPERA 07/03/2014 00:18 WH1XBA K3SIW-1 EN52TA RX Op2H -42 OPERA 07/03/2014 00:18 WH1XBA K3SIW-2 EN52TA RX Op2H -48 OPERA
          Message 4 of 5 , Mar 8, 2014
            S/N levels   7-3  and 8-3  runs 

            -43OPERA07/03/2014 00:18WH1XBAK3SIW-1EN52TARX Op2H
            -42OPERA07/03/2014 00:18WH1XBAK3SIW-2EN52TARX Op2H
            -48OPERA07/03/2014 00:18WH1XBAAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H
            -40OPERA07/03/2014 02:29WH1XBAAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H
            -39OPERA07/03/2014 02:29WH1XBAK3SIW-1EN52TARX Op2H
            -41OPERA07/03/2014 02:29WH1XBAK3SIW-2EN52TARX Op2H
            -41OPERA07/03/2014 04:40WH1XBAAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H
            -44OPERA07/03/2014 06:51WH1XBAW4DEXEM95TGRX Op2H
            -40OPERA07/03/2014 06:51WH1XBAAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H
            -40OPERA07/03/2014 09:03WH1XBAAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H
            -41OPERA08/03/2014 03:49WH1XBAAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H
            -43OPERA08/03/2014 06:00WH1XBAAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H
          • graham787
            s/n First run -41 OPERA 08/03/2014 03:49 WH1XBA FN12LQ AC4IU FM18FG RX Op2H -43 OPERA 08/03/2014 06:00 WH1XBA FN12LQ AC4IU FM18FG RX Op2H Second run -48 OPERA
            Message 5 of 5 , Mar 8, 2014
              s/n First run 
              -41OPERA08/03/2014 03:49WH1XBAFN12LQAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H
              -43OPERA08/03/2014 06:00WH1XBAFN12LQAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H

              Second run 

              -48OPERA07/03/2014 00:18WH1XBAFN12LQAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H
              -40OPERA07/03/2014 02:29WH1XBAFN12LQAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H
              -41OPERA07/03/2014 04:40WH1XBAFN12LQAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H
              -40OPERA07/03/2014 06:51WH1XBAFN12LQAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H
              -40OPERA07/03/2014 09:03WH1XBAFN12LQAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H
              -41OPERA08/03/2014 03:49WH1XBAFN12LQAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H
              -43OPERA08/03/2014 06:00WH1XBAFN12LQAC4IUFM18FGRX Op2H

              WH1XBAWH1XBAunknownOPERA0 miles07:24:08
              G0KTNG0KTNunknownOPERA0 km08:42:16
              WH2XBAWH2XBAunknownOPERA0 miles11:26:23
              KA9CFDKA9CFDunknownOPERA0 miles03:16:44
              AC4IUAC4IUunknownOPERA0 miles11:25:46
              VE7BDQVE7BDQunknownOPERA0 km09:54:42
              W4DEXW4DEXunknownOPERA0 miles11:12:23
              WH1XBAAC4IUunknownOPERA306 miles06:00:40
              KU4XRKU4XRunknownOPERA0 miles08:16:14

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