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WE2XEB West coast USA (VE) and West coast EU on 136 OP32

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  • graham787
    Bob , WE2XEB Last year , using OP8 on 477KHz , this year using OP32 on 136 KHz Decoding west coast VE and EU , hard act to follow ! 73-G,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2013
      Bob ,  WE2XEB
      Last year  , using  OP8  on 477KHz   , this  year  using  OP32   on 136 KHz
      Decoding   west coast VE and  EU , hard   act  to  follow !
      RcvrBandModeDistanceTime (UTC)
      F6CNI2200mOPERA3709 miles02:12:09
      F4DTL2200mOPERA3684 miles02:12:09
      VE7BDQ2200mOPERA2221 miles07:41:27
      KA9CFD2200mOPERA725 miles08:14:22
      K3SIW2200mOPERA580 miles07:41:27
      WD2XNS2200mOPERA214 miles00:00:25
      WE2XEB2200mOPERA0 miles07:46:04
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