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UA4WPF UA0SNV 2200m OPERA 2897 kms 22:30:14

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  • graham787
    Consistently good results on 136k using Op32 , overland out to the East Note RN7T is sending a clipped version , in 30 min time slot , showing a 8%
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2013

      Consistently  good  results  on 136k using  Op32 , overland 
      out to the East 

      Note RN7T  is  sending a  clipped version , in 30 min time  slot , showing  a 8% loss  of  signal for  a  full  capture . 


      UA4WPFUA0SNV2200mOPERA2897 kms22:30:14
      R7NTSM2DJK2200mOPERA2179 kms23:18:06
      PA0WMRRN3AGC2200mOPERA2137 kms20:24:57
      UW8SMGW0EZY2200mOPERA2004 kms19:24:23
      UW8SMG4WGT2200mOPERA1959 kms20:50:38
      UA4WPFSM2DJK2200mOPERA1958 kms22:30:12
      UW8SMSM2DJK2200mOPERA1686 kms20:50:37
      UW8SMRN3AGC2200mOPERA1164 kms20:50:37
      UW8SMRW3ADB2200mOPERA1141 kms20:50:35

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