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ZL2FT F1MWV 20m OPERA 19304 kms 13:01:38

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  • graham787
    ZL2FT F1MWV 20m OPERA 19304 kms 13:01:38 F1MWV ZL2FT 20m OPERA 19304 kms 12:44:32 LZ1XM ZL2FT 20m OPERA 17660 kms 11:18:11 RW3ADB ZL2FT 20m OPERA 16474 kms
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2013
      ZL2FTF1MWV20mOPERA19304 kms13:01:38
      F1MWVZL2FT20mOPERA19304 kms12:44:32
      LZ1XMZL2FT20mOPERA17660 kms11:18:11
      RW3ADBZL2FT20mOPERA16474 kms14:57:26
      RX3DHRZL2FT20mOPERA16401 kms05:53:45
      VK3KCXZL2FT20mOPERA2565 kms11:16:10
      ZL2FTZL2FT20mOPERA0 kms18:01:38
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