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Re: [O_P_E_R_A_] Re: OP4H

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  • Richard B Georgina
    TNX G Rich ... If you have a defined tone in the pass band ,,A work around could be to generate the exact same tone with SL and present to Op before
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 10, 2013
      TNX G
      >>One problem  is  Ae  system  bandwidth , the  narrow +/- qrg  is  prevent  major miss-match  , caused by  'small'  frequency  change , same problem on 136K
      If you  have a  defined  tone  in the  pass  band ,,A work around could be to  generate  the exact  same  tone with SL and present to Op before you press  the  Tx  , the  carrier  avoidance will place the  carrier in the  lowest s/n spot in the  band  and avoid the  tone , but if its more than  about 2.5/ 3 Hz off  net , then  will  not be a  problem anyway
      73 -G. <<
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