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27574 Meter season returns

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  • graham787
    Apr 16, 2014
      Ultra cheap dongles , fun qube ones , transvertor's , modified  rigs  even  new  icoms  work  on the  70 MHz band ..'Lend a  hand  on the  band' , rig  a  monitor  to  day  !
      Better still  , try a  tx  beacon  , any  am/fm  pmr  set  can be modified to  be  CW keyed  , set the  qrg  to  mid  band  Op05  or  OP1  ......OP1 may  be the  better  choice 
      Look out for the  Opera  option  in the  ultmate3  key'er  due  soon 


      OZ2MOZ2M4mOPERA0 km11:33:40
      OY6BECOY6BEC4mOPERA0 km11:31:41
      F5ZALF5ZAL4mOPERA0 km11:24:17
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