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  • Armando Polari
    Dec 3, 2013
      gracias, ahora estoy en La Plata, nos vemos la semana que viene en Madryn

      El Lunes, 2 de diciembre, 2013 7:30 P.M., "g0nbd@..." <g0nbd@...> escribió:
      Thanks Rich,

      The  only odd  thing that has shown in the  last weeks is linked to Fire-Fox  and the  PSK-Map ,  being  flagged  as  a  un-safe site , opera call's   pskmap n .html , just  checked  on this pc and  f-fox  opens  the  map  as normal  .. but that seems  to  be  f-fox  issue  related problem as on the  pc that  runs the mf set up , it still comes up with  some  un safe site warning ... 

      But  a google  search  'opera malware'  is bringing  back  issues  with the  web browser , that has the  same  name , that looks to be   where  the  problem lies , [although the  name is the  same  ,  the  browser logo is registered , not the  name] could  be a  serious  breach as some of the  web-article's state , the  certification code has been  compromised  and  some  networks have been attacked .. 

      There's  not  too much to  set  up , unpack  , run  install  and  populate the  locator /call  / info  fields, VLF wise  , no  need  for  the RX   just  direct to the  sound card  

      But  for  8K rx  , I think  some  form  of  bandpass  filter  before the  sound card  , to  stop  the  mains  frequency  may  help , its not a DSP issue  , but  if the  hard wear  is topped  out by mains hum  , the  noise floor  will  rise , simple cr  filter  would  do ..


      ---In o_p_e_r_a_@yahoogroups.com, <wd4rbx@...> wrote:

      I advised Doug that I found no malware. This could be a problem for potential OPERA users.
      Can you answer Dougs question?
      Well, I installed OPERA on my secondary computer. There is going to be a bit of a learning curve. I understand the software is popular in Europe, but I have avoided it so far due to concerns about malware. OPERA seems to have some cautions regarding this issue, according to what I have read.

      Any advice you could give me regarding a quick way to set it up and get it working would be appreciated. I will be trying this experiment on my secondary computer (that has nothing important on it). The receiver will be an ICOM R75 run through an AMRAD VLF converter with an OCXO for stability. I have dual 250Hz CW crystal filters installed in the R75 (though OPERA mode may require an SSB filter) as well as the TCXO option.

      Perhaps I should try to receive some other OPERA signals, to make sure my receive setup is working properly, before I try for your VLF signal?

      73 Doug KB4OER<<

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