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2463Re: [O_P_E_R_A_] RE: 8.9 KHz update

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  • Rickfordg
    Dec 2, 2013
      Hi G,
      I ran a simple RX test of my TX a bit ago and I do have a signal..Still not happy anp is not cranking out the watts it could. Alos my first TX test today was on the wrong band so the test tone was on the wrong freq or something. BTW I had a killer signal..there..Testing my output on the right frequency has the amp drawing less then half the current as before. BTW the first TX tone was when I was RXing OPERA on 477 KHz (I think the tone was 1500 Hz). At least I know I'm going in the right direction...! I'm going to talk to my friend Ray and see how he believes I should wire the transformer for use with a loop antenna and my new transformer. A cording to Ray the last wireing gave a 40:1 turns ratio. Very high voltage to the antenna. I do have a good idea how to wire this transformer using a loop antenna and plan to do so shortly. Ill keep the groop posted.

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      The long  wire  will  work, but the  voltages are extreme  !   , Uwe , posted this  to the LF group today , but  that big loop should radiate something ! , what is the  psu V  12V ?


      Hi all,

      its a foggy and rainy day today producing mni ghostly sparks in the yard. so I switched the Tx off at 1251UTC.
      until tomorrow I guess.

      Uwe/dj8wx jo43sv
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      I "think" I found the error of my ways. I have been using my PS amp meter to see if the PA was consuming any energy. The last 2 tests were almost a complete flop. 0 amps first test and about 4 yesterday. I though about how I was trying to transfer energy to the antenna and realized that a long wire won't work. Today I strung up  800 feet of wire and changed the long wire to a loop antenna. First TX had the PA drawing 15 or 20 amps from the PS. Being that the only thing that changed was the antenna I want to believe that I now have a signal worth looking for. More work is needed along with better measurements.
      If I find that someone/s are looking for my OPERA signal I will run a full beacon test. I will post the time I fire up.
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