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24618.9 KHz update

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  • Rickfordg
    Dec 2, 2013
      I "think" I found the error of my ways. I have been using my PS amp meter to see if the PA was consuming any energy. The last 2 tests were almost a complete flop. 0 amps first test and about 4 yesterday. I though about how I was trying to transfer energy to the antenna and realized that a long wire won't work. Today I strung up  800 feet of wire and changed the long wire to a loop antenna. First TX had the PA drawing 15 or 20 amps from the PS. Being that the only thing that changed was the antenna I want to believe that I now have a signal worth looking for. More work is needed along with better measurements.
      If I find that someone/s are looking for my OPERA signal I will run a full beacon test. I will post the time I fire up.
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