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2410Re: [O_P_E_R_A_] 8KHz

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  • Richard B Georgina
    Nov 8, 2013
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      Hi Sig,
      I have bridge my amp but used stereo. Did see a dramatic change in power consumption from the power supply running the amp. The current draw from the PS doubled. Now 40 amps when testing the OPERA TX test signal. Unfortunately the signal as it stands today is being eat up as heat in my coax. This will change soon..!
      There is a lot going on in the back ground here. I have a friend Ray (W4NJP) that is interested in what I'm doing @ 8.9 KHz. He is interested in looking for my OPERA signal. . He also has some tube type audio amps he is willing to let me use..Beyond that he also talked about building a 1 Kw tube amp for 8.9 KHz.
      Hi G...Told you I was serious (in it for the ling hall) LOL
      >>Some car amps can be switched to mono bridged mode ... gives you more power
      (and for feeding an antenna no stereo is needed for sure)
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