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2222RE: RE: 7038 OP2 G4MDH VK3KCX 40m OPERA 17047 kms 20:39:13

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  • graham787
    Sep 16, 2013


      Well early days  yet  I suppose  hi  , See  there  was  a  come as you  are  wspr-2  party  on 477   last  weekend , this  is the  Ros-mf  mode  as  developed  for  MF use  , decode level  is  as  good  if not  better  than  wspr  2 , the  web  audio  is  not  100%  as  only  half decodes  , same as  ros-hf  , live  qso mode

      but only  100 Hz b/w  

      Good luck with the  tests

      73 -G,


      --- In O_P_E_R_A_@yahoogroups.com, <o_p_e_r_a_@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hi Graham, yeah, I'm not sure what is wrong with all the hams in this corner of the world, all they want to do is JT65 and PSK31 - they are missing out on so much - most have never heard of Opera, ROS or Olivia etc.
      Please see my slow Opera on higher bands post, hope you can join us.

      - David VK3KCX


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      Ok Dave

      Well ,not too many showing down your way these days !
      another set this evening [ morning ] , not seen any of the 500K gang running ros-mf modes or Opera 4/8 ?

      73 -G,

      M0WAY VK3KCX 40m OPERA 17020 kms 20:39:24
      G4WGT VK3KCX 40m OPERA 17016 kms 20:38:44
      EW8FN VK3KCX 40m OPERA 14930 kms 20:28:37

      --- In O_P_E_R_A_@yahoogroups.com, "daveandshirl65" <daveandshirl65@...> wrote:
      > --- In O_P_E_R_A_@yahoogroups.com, "graham787" <g0nbd@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Activity on 7038 to night
      > > Snip...
      > Yahoo... at last I can post here.. Hi Graham thanks for spotting me just about every time I pop up on 40M. I just love being able to be on the radio while I'm sleeping!
      > It is truely amasing how far I can talk with a very modest antenna and a few watts when using Opera and ROS
      > - David - VK3KCX - Melbourne.
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