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2209Op4H sub 9 Khz CQ K4RKM & all

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  • Richard B Georgina
    Sep 4, 2013
      Hi Guys,

      I ran a test today using my new PA. I can say with confidence I'm finely putting
      out a signal worth looking for. For the first time ever I can hear the test tone
      over the local QRM. The PA is consuming about 20 amps when I have the test tone
      on. The PA from China consumed nothing at TX test tone that I could measure VIA
      the PS meters.

      Bob, If you available do you want to run a test next weekend? I know that 60
      miles is a stretch but who knows what if anything will happen. This will be an
      over the air TX using a 20 meter loop. It just so happens that my 20 meter loop
      presents the proper load to the PA.

      G, what frequency should Bob tune his Precious receiver to?

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