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1343Re: [O_P_E_R_A_] Re: WANTED 8KHz OP4H OPERA TESTER'S (Mix ~1000Hz with 9 KHz ?)

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  • Richard B Georgina
    May 3, 2012
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      Hi G,
      I just built a crazy antenna (don't laugh folks.) I used my 160 dipole and turned it into a "watch a ma call it" antenna.. Actually it might be an earth dipole. I took both ends of the dipole and ran wire from them and nailed it to the roots of a tree at each end. I have used tree antennas for many years at VLF. Instead of plugging the antenna directly into the audio out from my sound card I decided to use a set of amplified computer speakers as a buffer. The antenna plugs into them.
      I'm using another computer and different tree antenna for RX. The 2 antennas are only about 100 feet apart. When I TX there is a nice bright trace on the RX computer between the waterfall RX lines.
      I have a friend (K4RKM) that 60 miles from my QTH. Ill drop him an Email and see if he wants to experiment.
      BTW the only trace that's brighter on the waterfall is the 60Hz mains...!
      I have been wanting to experiment @ 9 KHz for a long time. Thanks Jose Alberto for the needed software and G for keeping up to date.
      PS power out will be increased to 250 watts soon.
      >>R Peter , may  be  100 uW  will be  getting close to the  decode floor ? as the  system is  measuring s/n , a  20 db attenuator in the tx line may do the  trick ? but then may be 10 more?
      Tnx for testing, any stations  trying air  test over  distance ?
      73 -G.<<
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