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  • Chris, This may help. Its the notes from this series included in the certification submission: The Tin Men The labeling for this series is confusing and the available episodes include many duplicate episodes. Here are the available episodes that I could find: Superman_43-01-05_e0002_TinMen,The2 Superman_43-01-06_e0003_TinMen,The3 Superman_43-01-07_e0004_TinMen,The4 Superman_43-01...
    Bill Atkins Jul 22, 2005
  • Chris, I need to refresh myself on uploading Otter Logs but, if I recall... Thought One: Also known as "More than you wanted to know or even care about...." Since this is a log that can be uploaded to Otter, there may not be a problem. One of the issues with the older Superman set is that the dates are wrong, the episodes are numbered incorrectly and inconsistently and there are...
    Bill Atkins Jul 21, 2005
  • Chris, Yes it does. In Feb of 1949, the series shifted from 15 minute episodes to 30 min story lines that were self contained. The re-start of the numbering reflects the 30 minute shows. Bill
    Bill Atkins Jul 20, 2005
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  • Chris, I just pulled the log from the files section of the Otter Project and I do not see what you describe. What you describe is the way the files were labeled before I spent a year correcting them and submitted them for certification. The log should now be sequential from ep 1 to 1935 for the 15 min episodes. Hope that helps. Any questions, let me know. Bill Atkins
    Bill Atkins Jul 20, 2005
  • Menachem, Thanks, Guess I couldn't see the forest for all the trees. Bill
    Bill Atkins Apr 27, 2005
  • Hi all, Jim, Menachem: I have to ask. What got renumbered in the Superman Log? Other than the 30 min shows starting over again at 1, I don't see any changes. Did I miss something when I submitted the log a few months ago? If so, can you tell me the error of my ways? Thanks, I really appreciate any input so that I can do a better job on future projects. Bill ---- On 27 Apr 2005 04...
    Bill Atkins Apr 26, 2005
  • Dan, You raise a couple of good points. Perhaps Archie has the solution when he wrote, "...Anything else Superman related could go into a second log 'Superman Extras' or some such thing. (Superman Colelction, perhaps?)" Using his suggestion keeps the radio logs clean (which is what I want Otter for, but that is just my needs and I am not speaking for the overall group) and also...
    Bill Atkins Apr 25, 2005
  • Dan, I appreciate the feedback. A couple of thoughts since I put the certification package together and submitted it last November. M 1. WEBO is not the radio station's call letters, it is short for WhatEver Became Of. I don't think I had the date for this show and that is quite helpful. The WEBO episode is included in the Superman submittal and is under the section of extras. I...
    Bill Atkins Apr 24, 2005
  • Good Afternoon, Can someone tell me what the episode titles/numbers are for the new episodes of Superman? I cannot tell from the revised otter log. Thanks, Bill Atkins
    Bill Atkins Apr 24, 2005
  • Phil, This note is from Will Atkinson, not Bill Atkins. We are two different people with similar names... Sorry for the confusion. ---- On Tue, 1 Feb 2005, Phlipper (phlipper376@^$1) wrote: > Bill > > Which login do you want? This is your third request with different parameters. > > Philip > > William Atkinson wrote: > > Phillip > > address: willatkinson@^$2 > > password: Cook...
    Bill Atkins Feb 2, 2005