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What's so great about pando?

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  • Yogiraj
    This is a response I ve written back to someone, & thought I d share it with you guys as well.. Yogirajj ... From: Yogiraj Date: 4/22/2007 1:44:08 AM To:
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      This is a response I've written back to someone, & thought I'd share it with you guys as well..
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      From: Yogiraj
      Date: 4/22/2007 1:44:08 AM
      Subject: What's so great about pando?
      To answer your question... What's so great about pando? Their is just too much to list them all.. But here are some.
      1. You can send an entire movie, without splitting it into 9 separate downloads, to then re-join together. And if you are an ipod user like me, spend an additional hour converting the re-joined files.. Pando allows you to send Up to 1 gig worth of files, on their  free service package. Most movies don't go over 800 MB (even with high quality).
      1a. This is an important feature, because with rappidshare, they have a time limit between downloads, in order to get you to buy their service. Plus they have a 100 MB size limit.
      1b. Yousendit, has a 50 MB size limit, and a 2 GIG cap, which means, after people have downloaded up to 2 GIGs of data, you pay for additional transfers.
      2. Downloads are unequivocally faster (for recipients). Since I share a lot of files, I have chosen to pay for the PRO package; so that people who download my files get them quicker. I have seen as fast as up to 1.5 MBPS on pando (that's if you have high-speed (DSL or Cable)). Others like rappidshare the fastest I've seen is about 300 kbps Range. What does the numbers mean? A free user can download a full movie (from a paid user) in about 10-15 min. If both are free users, it's about 100-300 kbps, which is about 2-3 hours. I hope I did not loose you....
      3.  There is no spyware, malware, or intrusive pop-up ads, through your browsers (even with the free service). Just one little small banner.
      4. No letter security codes to type in, just click and download..
      5. You can offer a click-able download link, or a very small e-mail attachment file (which has a link to where the file is stored.. Just click and download).
      5a. Pando allows you to send ANY file type.
      5b. You don't need file compression, such as winzip or winrar.
      6. Most importantly, you don't have to reduce quality, to try to make your files fit on one upload session.
      Bottom line, pando is best for movies.. If you wanna send Songs, or anything smaller than 50 MB, use yousendit.Com or rappidshare. Com; then your recipients don't have to wait to get additional parts of a file, to spend additional time to rejoin files..
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