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  • webdj777@hotmail.com
    ... tell you exactly how to get to ACTIVE status thru a router. ... rates. ... Yes, I can see your files on the (otrr.dyndns.org) hub, I have an active
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 30, 2006
      --- In OTR-Project@ yahoogroups. com, Ben Kibler <ben_kibler48309@ ...>
      > Are you able to see
      my files on any of the hubs ???
      > My username is "ben48309" on
      the following hubs:
      > otrhub.no-ip. org = OTRHub
      otrr.dyndns. org = Researchers
      > philsplace2. dyndns.org: 4554
      - PhilsPlace
      > If you can see them, I will share 4 files with you
      that will
      tell you exactly how to get to 'ACTIVE' status thru a router.
      > Let me know.
      > Ben Kibler
      > ------------ --------- --------- ---
      > Cheap
      Talk? Check out Yahoo! Messenger's low PC-to-Phone call
      Yes, I can see your files on the (otrr.dyndns. org) hub, I have an
      active connection through my router, it's just the search option
      won't work ever since I used version 691 of DC++. Other than the
      search not working I get great speed and can download from anybody
      as I said before my connection is Active. Thanks for your time,
      Johnathan Any ideas are appreciated.
      Hi Jonathan,
      It sounds like you have a known issue described in the DC++ help files. Go to the Frequently Asked Questions section of the help files and select the "Why Don't I Get Any Search Results?" listing. I had this trouble when I changed my router, but the solution is described in detail in that help listing.
      Hope that helps.
      David Schwegler
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