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WLS National Barn Dance

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  • Steve Parry
    Please post this announcement I am producing a PBS documentary film about the WLS National Barn Dance. I am desperate to find a film called Around the Clock
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2006
      Please post this announcement
      I am producing a PBS documentary film about the WLS National Barn Dance.  I am desperate to find a film called  'Around the Clock with WLS.'  Produced in 1930 by Prairie Farmer and Farm Films, C. L. Venard, Director, Studios and Exchange, Peoria, Illinois.  Prairie Farmer magazine advertised copies of this film for sale, so there must be some copies still out there somewhere. I'm sure the film was also distributed to Cooperative Extension offices and farm groups.  Any leads or help in tracking down this important film would be greatly appreciated.  I am also interested in information on who owns the broadcast rights for the audio recordings of the Alka-Seltzer National Barn Dance.  Many collectors have copies of these tapes... but who owns the rights, or are they in public domain?  I am not a member so please contact me at the e-mail below.
      Steve Parry
      Producer: The Hayloft Gang

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