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Re: Superman Logs

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  • Christopher Appel
    I hear what you re saying, Lynn, but I ve encountered three instances so far where the wrap-up episode occurs in what the log lists as the beginning of the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 12, 2006
      I hear what you're saying, Lynn, but I've encountered three
      instances so far where the wrap-up episode occurs in what the log
      lists as the beginning of the next storyline.

      I've only listened up through 1942. At this point in the series the
      norm was to just has a short tease of a few seconds at the end of
      the story, so I'm not yet encountering what your describing. But I
      can certainly submit a revised log that moves these storyline wrap-
      ups from the beginning of the second story to the end of the the
      first story. Certainly the endings are more crucial to a story then
      a lead in which will be recapped anyway.

      As a QA listener, do you every edit episodes. I've found a number of
      episodes with record skips where dialog gets repeated. Overall pop
      and noise reduction is a bit beyond my skills and software, but I've
      started to fix these skip-repeats for my own copies.


      --- In Otter-Project@yahoogroups.com, Lynn Willis <lockjaw@c...>
      > Chris,
      > I am the QA listener for Superman for the OTRR group, and have
      > to nearly every episode. This situation happened every time
      > story lines. They would wrap one storyline up then introduce the
      > storyline, usually after the second commercial. In the logs, the
      > wrapup/intro episode is linked to the wrapup storyline. The
      > is essential to the storyline, whereas the intro could be skipped
      > you'd not miss a thing as far as the story goes, because the
      > would give a brief review of the intro material (which was only 1-
      > minutes of airtime anyway). In other words, you could start a
      > with the first show listed in the logs and never miss a thing.
      > this helps.
      > Lynn
      > > Message: 1
      > > Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 18:34:38 -0000
      > > From: "Christopher Appel" <c_appel@m...>
      > > Subject: Re: Superman log question
      > >
      > > If anyone has seen a notation method for an episode which
      > > two storylines in a way that is essential to both, please let me
      > > know. I've come across two instances so far of a Superman story
      > > reaching it's climax in what the log shows to be the first
      > > of the next series. It's not a log mistake, however, as the next
      > > story does begin about midway into the episode. This is very
      > > different from the brief teaser so often employed at the end of
      > > final show in a series.
      > >
      > > I've found a log error in the series that I'll be submitting
      > > but I'd like to address this other problem at the same time.
      > >
      > > Slightly OT, I received the Season One Adventures of Superman
      > > DVD set over the holidays. I enjoyed it a great deal, but I wish
      > > that at least one of the commentaries had been done by someone
      > > familiar with the radio program. The first season is a direct
      > > translation of the ideas that had been developed on radio by
      > > Maxwell and his team, but the commentators seem largely unaware
      > > the conventions of the radio show.
      > >
      > > Chris
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