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Re: [Otter-Project] The Godfrey Library

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  • Ron Schalow
    Hello Jim: I just joined here tonight, and it s a real treasure trove! Thanks for passing the word. Ron Schalow ... **********************************
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 3, 2005
      Hello Jim:

      I just joined here tonight, and it's a real treasure
      trove! Thanks for passing the word.

      Ron Schalow

      --- Jim Beshires <beshiresjim@...> wrote:

      > Researchers!
      > Stewart Wright mentioned this great source a few
      > weeks ago and it
      > bears repeating again.
      > The Godfrey Memorial Library is basically a Research
      > Library for
      > genealogists. What then are we doing promoting it?
      > The Godfrey Library has a on-line database of
      > searchable newspapers
      > that are a goldmine for anyone doing research in old
      > time radio
      > series.
      > Our very own Clorinda Thompson has been hard at work
      > mining this
      > fantastic resource and has either developed or
      > fleshed out many
      > series that were woefully lacking in information.
      > In many cases, you can find episode titles for
      > series lacking them
      > now. You can find a definite mention of many
      > previously unknown
      > series. It is really an otr researchers dream.
      > You can get a one year subscription to this great
      > source for only
      > $35 per year! This is a great bargain. I know that
      > at least 5 of
      > our members have a membership there. I just got
      > mine last week and
      > am amazed at the information. If you do any sort of
      > research in
      > otr, or want to become more involved in the groups
      > activities, you
      > should treat yourself to a membership.
      > If we can get enough people signed up, we really can
      > produce
      > materials that no other group has. Clorinda might
      > be persuaded to
      > teach an on-line class in how to use this library to
      > its fullest
      > potential.
      > Check it out by going to www.Godfrey.org. I hope
      > that many of you
      > will take advantage and become researchers!
      > jimb

      Old-Time Radio fans, check out the
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