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Re: [Otter-Project] Re: New Member Package

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  • Robert Dickson
    Well said Shawn. i couldn t agree more. ... From: Shawn McCullough To: Otter-Project@yahoogroups.com Sent: Monday, November 01, 2004 6:06 PM Subject: Re:
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      Well said Shawn.  i couldn't agree more.
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      Sent: Monday, November 01, 2004 6:06 PM
      Subject: Re: [Otter-Project] Re: New Member Package

      AMEN.... and to add to your point, I consider myself an expert computer user
      and it is a PAIN to download any number of items/shows/songs etc.... greater
      than 10 or 15 in one sitting. It becomes tedious, error prone and annoying.
      I almost went crazy trying to download some of those tobacco scripts.

      One time, I downloaded 20 tales of the texas rangers shows before I gave up
      and bought an MP3 CD with 95 shows on it, and I am on a cable modem.
      Physical distribution is much preferred over cheap/simple/easy download.  I
      think it is because my time at home is a premium more valuable than the
      10.00 it costs to get a CD mailed to the house.

      I also use this theory when changing my oil. I spend the 20.00 to have it
      done in 15 minutes without all the hassle of buying the quarts, jacking up
      the car, getting dirty, disposing the oil, buying a filter etc....

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      From: "Rob McConeghy" <robmcc1@...>
      To: <Otter-Project@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Monday, November 01, 2004 1:34 PM
      Subject: [Otter-Project] Re: New Member Package

      > What you say is of course true. But it is still a fact that
      > 1) a very large percentage of computer users are still only connected
      > via dial-up (not necessarily their choice - broadband of any kind is
      > simply not available in many areas still)
      > 2) only about 1 in 10 computer users have even heard of FTP, never
      > mind having a clue how to use it.
      > These same people are unaware of newsgroups, hubs, streamload, mp3s,
      > etc.
      > Most computer users, and not just older ones, still use their PCs
      > primarily for email, and to play games and run commercial store-bought
      > software.
      > Of the 25-odd people who work in the local branch of my company, only
      > 15 actually have PCs at home, none other than myself are aware of
      > Yahoo groups, they have never heard of USENET, FTP, hubs, streamload.
      > Many are AOL users. Some are aware of google and do occasionally surf
      > the web.
      > Many of these types of people are exactly the types who might become
      > OTR newbies. They are most likely to first run across a web site of
      > someone selling CDs, tapes, or MP3 CDs of OTR or maybe hosting online
      > streaming audio of OTR. (and streaming audio works poorly on dial-up).
      > So it is very attractive to such people that they can purchase OTR on
      > line and have it show up in their mailbox. They don't need to figure
      > out how to do anything to get it.
      > This is one reason our web site is very important. Offering a set of
      > CDs with useful information and sample shows by mail could be very
      > attractive to these folks.

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