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8601Project OTR to close??

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  • Jim Beshires
    Jul 29 2:30 PM
      Hi Guys,
      I'm considering closing Project OTR as a Yahoo Group.  My thoughts are that the information has already been posted to www.otrr.org before it's posted here.

      I update each individual text log file, update the OTRR database, and make the corrections as to when the file was last updated.

      Then I come here - upload the individual text files and indicate what they have been updated for - then Have to go post a message and say I've done all this.

      The info posted on the Yahoo group site is basically a duplication of what's already available at the web site, with the execption of stating what the individual text file was changed for.  This can be remided by  just posting a notice to the blog site on the web site.

      This will save me about 20-25 hours of work each month.

      Anyone think of any reason for keeping the Project OTR site on yahoo open, please speak now.

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