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7898Re: Action 80- Singles and Doubles Collection

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  • Andrew Steinberg
    Jul 8, 2008
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      I checked the latest version of the Singles and Doubles Otter log
      which is dated June 30th and there is only one listing for Action
      Eighty (or Action 80) and Adam and Evie is correctly named. Your log
      may be an older version.

      --- In OTR-Project@yahoogroups.com, "Thomas Mandeville"
      <mandevillet@...> wrote:
      > There are two files floating around out there that are
      labelled "Action
      > 80". One is Project Sailfish and the other is First Atomic Sub.
      > These two shows are presently listed in the Singles and Doubles
      > Collection.
      > I just listened to both of them and determined that they are the
      > show. Project Sailfish has a date but the other does not,
      according to
      > Otter.
      > I suggest that the undated "First Atomic Sub" be deleted from the
      > log.
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