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7729Voice Conference Scheduled for Feb 7, 2008 at 9pm EST

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  • Jim Beshires
    Feb 3, 2008

      Hi All,

      There will be a voice conference at 9pm est on Feb 7, 2008. 

      Some topics under discussion -

      1.    The 2008 Cincy Con

      2.    Do we want to have a panel there?

      3.    Volunteers.

      4.    Better organization.

      5.    What properties does OTRR hold? (ie. who is holding either r2rs, cassettes, transcription disks, and other items that we need to inventory?)  If you have 'stuff' that belongs to the group and cannot attend the conference, please e-mail me with a list, so that we can better understand what we have.

      6.   Other items you wish to discuss.

      As always, you need to be on my friends list, and to talk, you need a mike, otherwise, you can listen and type your comments.