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7658Updates to the Otter Database - Dec 25, 2007

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  • Jim Beshires
    Dec 25, 2007

      NEW LOGS -

      Music For Millions

      Phone Again, Finnigan

      Sing It Again

      Adventures of Ruby



      Manhattan Melodies

      The Mildred Bailey Show

      War Telescope

      A Life In Your Hands

      Imagination Theater

      OTHER -

      Singles And Doubles - many

      Joe Penner - Tip Top Club - Spelling

      Joe Penner Bakers Broadcast - changed from Dozen

      Joe Penner The Joe Penner Show - spelling

      Arthur Godfrey Collection - add'l episodes available

      Columbia Presents Corwin - spelling

      Broadway Is My Beat - spelling

      Melody Roundup - add'l episodes available