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7210A Case For Dr Morelle

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  • Peter
    Jun 10, 2007
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      Dr. Morelle, the creation of Ernest Dudley, was first broadcast in
      1942 under the title "Meet Dr Morelle" originally for the 3rd series
      of Harry Pepper and Ronnie Waldman's show, "Monday Night at Eight".
      "Meet Dr Morelle" also featured in the, 6th, 1946 series and again in
      the ,8th, 1947-48 series.
      In 1942 and 1946 Dennis Arundel played Dr. Morelle whilst his
      secretary/assistant, Miss Frayle, was played by Jane Grahame
      (coincidentaly the wife of Ernest Dudley).
      Dr Morelle was played by Heron Carvic in the 1947-48 season.
      No shows from these earliest series seem to have survived.

      In 1957 the character of Dr.Morelle was revived again in a series of
      13 half hour adventures, "A Case For Dr Morelle." Produced by Leslie
      Bridgmont, featuring Cecil Parker and Sheila Sim.

      My recent researches through a number of internet resources have
      Jerry Haendiges Log as showing 11 shows, Missing Programs: None!

      The latest otter database shows all 13 shows though only 11 as being

      * 57/04/23 1 Alarm Call
      * 57/04/30 2 Confession of Guilt
      57/05/07 3 Threat To Kill
      57/05/14 4 The Sleepwalker
      * 57/05/21 5 The Blackmailer
      * 57/05/28 6 Voice in the Night
      * 57/06/04 8 The Will
      * 57/06/11 8 Act of Violence
      * 57/06/18 9 The Black Ruby
      * 57/06/25 10 The Wedding Dress
      * 57/07/02 11 The Gambler
      * 57/07/09 12 Poisoned Air
      * 57/07/16 13 Mr X

      I presume that

      * 57/06/04 8 The Will is misnumbered as
      * 57/06/11 8 Act of Violence has the same episode number?

      The 1957 shows were broadcast not only in the UK, but at least in
      Australia and New Zealand. During my researches of this series I have
      located copies of the two missing episodes, "Threat To Kill" and "The
      Sleepwalker" which were re-broadcast by ABC 3LO Mebourne.

      The complete series of 13 episodes is available in my share on the
      Researchers Group Hub:
      Nick: naylander
      Files Location: Radio Shows old & New; OTR; B; British Mystery
      Writers; A Case for Dr Morelle

      They will also be posted via sendspace to
      starting tomorrow, June 11, and finally the missing episodes will be
      posted to Newsgroups: alt.binaries.sounds.radio.bbc on or after June

      Peter Risbey