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6867Re: Otrcat.com and The Rotary Golden Theater

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  • Jim Beshires
    Feb 24, 2007
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      --- In OTR-Project@yahoogroups.com, Fred Bertelsen <frdbertelsen@...>
      > If this series is copyright, should it be on archive.org where any
      dealer or whoever can grab it and run? I didn't think archive.org
      permitted copyright materials to be posted.
      > Fred
      > Fred,
      You may be right in one sense of the word, but Rotary International
      gave us permission to freely distribute the series, as long as we
      made no charge for it.

      We will never be able to keep the unscrupolous?? mp3 dealers from
      stealing other peoples work in order to make a quick buck, but
      dishonesty and stealing will have their own rewards.

      We just need to make sure that everyhing we do has our documents with
      it, and try to get it into the hands of every other distro group we
      can find, with the privso that they distribute it 'as is'.
      Eventually people will find out that they can get for free what
      they've been paying for. Who in their right minds would pay $25.00
      for Richard Diamond, if they knew they could get it for free.

      I guess that I've caused Jon at otrcat.com enough headaches that he's
      banned me from his site, as he has several others who've rasied a
      stink about his practices. Doesn't he realize that I have hundreds
      of other people who will monitor his site? :->.
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