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6575Our New Web Site

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  • Jim Beshires
    Nov 19, 2006
      Hi All,

      Jim Jones has put in a tremendous amount of work designing our new
      web presence. It is so much better than our current one.

      What we'd like for you to do is visit it - check out the links that
      are working(not all of them have been redone yet), and give us your
      suggestions, comments, kudos, rotten eggs, etc.

      Additionally, there is a guest map when you can zooom in and place a
      litte person representing you and post a message as well. We want to
      see how many otr people we can get on the map and from what states
      and countries we all come from.
      Here is the web address -


      This is not hard work. Will, you kindly do this as a favor to me?

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