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6271Re: [OTR-Project] CBC/Legal Issues

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  • Atoning 2003
    Aug 7, 2006
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      My initial thought is... what do they hope to accomplish by having you turn over all your copies?? How silly. Cease and desist I can understand. My advice to you is to take down any mention of CBC and BBC shows as well as The Shadow and CBS RMT. These are all well known to be "come after me" shows.

      Johnathan <johnmarilyn@...> wrote:
      I was sent a cease and desist order by the CBC and unless I turn over
      all copies of nero wolfe, nightfall, and vanishing point, and my books
      showing how much I've made from these shows they will proceed with
      legal action against my website www3.telus.net/ bensoldtimeradio
      They do not know yet who I am or what groups I belong to as my ISP
      will not help them without a proper court order. I have never sold any
      protected stuff, it shows in my Library, but my catalogue has all
      stuff that is not yet 50 years old blacked out. I have never sold any
      shows they mention, but could have put a few up for listening on my
      site, but only to listen to and not for sale. They think that because
      I list it in the Library section of the website I must sell it, but in
      my catalogue I send out they are deleted. They have not asked to see
      my catalogue, as if they did they would see their intended action
      is "moot." I also have no copies of the said shows on CD. Any
      thoughts? Regards

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