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5867"The Adventures of" Otter naming

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  • painless_otr
    May 2, 2006
      Hi all!

      Just a thought about the way Otter names The Adventures of-series.

      Sometimes it uses this naming format:
      "Adventures of Sam Spade, The" and in other cases this:
      "Superman, The Adventures of".

      The files are named "correctly", though, The Adventures of Sam Spade
      and The Adventures of Superman.

      Not that it matters that much, but I usually name my folders based
      on the Otter series name, and it would be nice if all The Adventures
      of-series was named the same way.

      My personal preference is the "Adventures of Sam Spade, The" folder-
      format, but I guess there's a lot of different opinions about this.

      Or is there a special reason for this difference?