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5827EBSCO or All Is Not Lost

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  • jim
    Apr 17, 2006
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      I was notified by BenK yesterday that Godfrey has discontinued EBSCO
      services. Next to Proquest this was probably the best resource for
      OTR radio titles. Those of us doing log research(Ben, Clorinda,
      Phil, ... myself) will greatly miss this service. Many recently
      discovered titles such as MMN have come from this resource.

      HOWEVER! I have done some research to find an alternate way to
      access this resource or obtain access to other old time newspapers.
      One of the resources I contacted was NewspaperAchive(dot)com. It
      turns out they may actually be a better resource than EBSCO. The
      newspaper list seems much more inclusive. While talking to one of
      their reps, she informed me that Godfrey has a subscription to
      NewspaperArchive(dot)com. Sure enough I found it on the Godfrey
      site. I did some preliminary searches and I think it may be quicker
      and easier than the EBSCO search engine.

      Godfrey users can find this resource on the Godfrey main page. Goto
      Newspapers/Journals, then goto Newspaper Archive Elite (Heritage
      Microfilm. Don't let the microfilm reference throw you.

      Happy hunting