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5171Open Source?

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  • Jim W.
    Jan 3, 2006
      I recently found Otter, and it's a great program. Is the source code
      for Otter available, or are there any plans for making it Open
      Source? Seems like an ideal candidate for it. Or is there a way to
      join a development team for it? I've had quite a few crashes which
      I'd be happy to fix, given source code.

      I know dates can sometimes be unknown and have xx in them, but I've
      found some invalid dates such as 39/02/30. Since dates are used as
      the primary matching mechanism, seems like they should be xx, or
      valid. Here are a few examples

      Baby Snooks.txt:* 39/02/30 61
      Blondie.txt: 42/02/30 140 Blondie Becomes A Mechanic
      Challenge of the Yukon.txt: 55/02/30 1230 Sled Ride to Death
      Command Performance.txt:* 47/02/30 254 Carole Landis, Frank Sinatra,
      Jimmy Durante
      Guest Star.txt: 58/02/30 571

      Jim W.
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