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  • Phlipper
    Jan 1, 2006
      I came up with the same title through another avenue of research.  If we're supposed to give periodic updates on our findings, here's what I have come up with for the first two months of Denning and Britton's "Mr and Mrs North" titles:
      * 53/06/30      Coat of Arms (First Denning & Britton episode)
      * 53/07/07      The Comic
      * 53/07/14      Bet On Murder
        53/07/21      Saint of George Street
      * 53/07/28      Family Affair
      * 53/08/04      The Diamond Noose
        53/08/11      The Gone Goose
        53/08/18      Shanghaied
      * 53/08/25      The Crooked Ring

      I will continue to update as I accumulate more information.

      jim <jjonz44@...> wrote:
      I was listening to 530629 "Crime Classics" today.  On the show they
      announced the title of the first Mr and Mrs North starring Denning and

      Prior to this we had a synopsis but no title.

      The title is "Coat of Arms", which does agree with the synopsis.

      I will update Otter.


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