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4990Re: [Otter-Project] New Project Being Considered for the Home Residents

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  • Johnathan
    Nov 30, 2005
      I think it's a great idea as so many people like to listen to the OTR especially us Generation X'ers. There is a local station that plays OTR on Sundays from 10pm to 12am and I hear people talking about it the next day and how they saw a movie so similar to one of the shows, some even have the same titles ect. A great many people are beginning to realize that the original stories were done on radio first.
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      Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 1:19 PM
      Subject: [Otter-Project] New Project Being Considered for the Home Residents

      Well folks,
      It looks like we might be launching another ambitious project here
      at the Home.
      Ryan E and I have been kicking around an idea for a newsletter or
      bulletin that would highlight goings-on in our various groups. 
      We're thinking something that would be created and posted
      electronically that folks could peruse at their leisure.  We are
      also thinking of something that would incorporate an RSS feed as well
      (any ol 1, are you listening?).   Also it would be very similar to a
      printed newsletter so that it would look nice printed out.
      There's so much going on in the different groups that a lot of it
      tends to get overlooked in the group posting areas.  It's very hard,
      except for the most dedicated members to stay up-to-date with what
      projects are underway in the various sub-groups. Most of the
      following are ideas that Ryan came up with, but I agree with them.

      Here are suggestions for content:
      1.  Main Articles - Jim J.'s constantly making great contributions
      to OTR logs. I'd like to know what his research processes are, Ian
      to share all the things he and the Aussie crew have going on, Travis
      (Cliff) to write up a piece about his current project(s) .Cliff is
      always making some little discovery. Publicize it.  What is Ben
      currently working on?  Clorinda's latest discoveries. Nothing fancy,
      just how they're going about, who are they working with, what
      resources are they using, etc.
      2.  News Bits - Some news may not necessitate a longer article, like
      the Broadway Is My Beat new episode that was recently  discovered.
      Maybe someone discovers the name of an unknown voice, etc (ala a
      Cinnamon Bear character recently). Still, a short 1 or 2 paragraph
      write-up by the discoverer would be nice. What's the story? How'd
      they find it? etc
      3.   Misc. Items - I'm sure folks come across interesting
      information in the course of their research that would be of general
      interest to OTR fans, even if it doesn't pertain exactly to a series
      they're working on. -I know group members occasionally make contacts
      with old-time actors and such. Write it up; let us know about it.
      4.  Monthly release updates - List new series that have been
      certified and list re-released certified sets explaining what
      changes have been made.
      5.  Include new artwork that Roger creates. A lot of people never 
      get around to checking it on the site.
      6.  Library - Keep a running list of series that are certified and
      available from Doug.
      7. Other group news - what has the purchasing group been up to. What
      have they got their hands on?
      8. Review of the website stats.
      9. Wikki news updates,
      10.  Otter news, etc.
      11.Classifieds - List tapes, reels, machinery you'd like to get rid
      of or trade. Sales? not sure. Like any newsletter classifieds.
      12. Summarization of the Voice Conferences.
      13. Leaders of the group to make short reports on the group's
      overall progress. Outline any decisions made during audio meetings
      that affect our direction. I never download those that I miss.
      Some members get so frustrated because great discoveries get lost in
      the ongoing threads. Plus, who looks at messages more than a few
      days old. If we had a nice little newsletter that we could archive
      on the site people could easily catch up on the news and it would
      preserve old discoveries for easier future reference.. Think how
      much great info is shared on the Digest every day but there's no
      practical way for researchers and fans to access it in the future.
      Charlie told Ian the Digest is archived but not publicly accessible.
      A lot of this is available online but it can be tough to find. This
      centralizes all our core data and research and makes it easy to
      access, reference, and share outside the group. As an e-document we
      can email it to all members and easily make it available to non-
      members who want to see it. This is a legitimate research group;
      let's archive all this research and make it easily available to all
      other researchers and fans. I don't know how much debate we need to
      have initially. Those interested  can probably elicit writings from
      folks and bang a prototype issue together. Put it out there and then
      we could tweak the content from suggestions we get. Length doesn't
      matter. Since it's electronic we don't need filler material to kill
      white space.

      What does everyone think of this idea?  Personally, I think it's
      long overdue for us, as the only serious group conducting research
      into old time radio, to publish such a newsletter.  Too much of the
      things we discover wind up in the hands of others and we don't get
      proper credit for them.
      Your thoughts?

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