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4595Phyl Coe update

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  • jim
    Oct 1, 2005
      By researching the newspaper archives I have been able to establish
      play dates for the Phyl Coe series.

      Hickerson lists the dates as (1/29/36-5/16/36+).
      Otter just uses 36/xx/xx.
      Jerry does not list the series.
      Dave list the series as 1937, but numbers the episodes (1-12).

      A total of 16 episodes were produced. The show premiered during the
      first week of Sept 1937 and ran for 16 consecutive weeks without
      break. This is verified by newspaper articles and radio log play

      The show premiered in Chicago on Mon Sept 6 (WBBM 6:30pm), and
      continued to play on the following 15 Mondays.
      The show premiered in New York on Tue Sept 7, (WOR 7:45pm) and
      continued to play on the following 15 Tuesdays.
      The show premiered in Wash DC on Thur Sept 9, (WJSV 6:45pm) and
      continued to play on the following 15 Mondays.

      For the purpose of the creating an OTTER log the NEW YORK dates will
      be used. Also, the title of the first episode is known from
      newspaper adds. After that I will use Dave Goldin's episode 1-12
      numbering system (which OTTER now uses). THIS WILL LEAVE 4 UNKNOWN

      NOTE: After the first two episodes The NY Times began listing the
      show as "Detective Drama". However, show time and dates were
      confirmed by footnotes in NY 'Philco Radio' newspaper ads which also
      promoted the show times and station (WOR 7:45)and use the name Phyl
      Coe. Both the Chicago Tribune and Washington Post continued to use
      the name 'Phyl Coe'.

      I will submit a completed log to JimB for his ok.