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4564This Thursday Night Voice Conference a 'Must Attend'

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  • Jim Beshires
    Sep 28, 2005
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      If at all possible, please plan on attending this thursdays(tomorrow)
      voice conference scheduled at 9pm EST.

      We have some nice announcements to make and also an inportant decision
      to make. Radio Memories has offered our group a channel on their RSS
      feed, which not only includes internet but ipods as well.

      They think so highly of our certified series that they want to devote a
      channel to nothing but them. This speaks very highly of our group and
      the great work you all are doing.

      We need you there if possible.

      Also, any ol 1, who usually records the meeting in mp3 format for those
      who can't attend, will not be able to attend this meeting. We do want
      it recorded for those who will want to know what happens. If you have
      this capability and will volunteer to do so, please e-mail me off list.

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