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  • Jim Beshires
    Jul 31, 2005
      --- In Otter-Project@yahoogroups.com, "Chuck Hoffman"
      <Chuck17112@c...> wrote:
      > Hi, I am a newbie, but I understand a purpose of this group is to
      > to get accurate logs of various OTR programs.
      > I have been trying to put together a good set of Richard Diamond
      > broadcasts and I have arrived at the conclusion that many of the
      > programs that are supposed to exist do not exist.
      > Unfortunately, this conclusion is not completely logical, since it
      > based upon the assumption that if a broadcast exists it would be
      > available to download from one of the OTR Hubs.

      In Otter the * in front of an episode name in a series indicates
      that that episode is known to exist in some form. It may be on reel-
      to-reel, cassette tape, transcription disc, mp3 or simply in the
      hands of one of the old time collectors who, for various reasons,
      choose not to share them.

      Our sister group, OTR Researchers attempts to track down episodes
      known to exist in formats other than mp3. Thus far this year we've
      purchased well in excess of $2000.00 worth of new materials, the
      first in the form of the Smiley Burnette distro, which is now
      underway in another of our sister groups, OTR Distro. That series
      alone cost us in excess of $300.00. We've recently received a
      donation of about 2500 cassettes full of stuff. It's in the process
      of being cataloged now. Additionally, I'm sitting on about 15gb of
      new materials awaiting to be distributed, and Doug has about the
      same amount. We have lots of new stuff and getting more each day.
      The problem is getting it encoded(you have to do it in real time),
      into the hands of people to put together, etc, etc. This is not a
      quick process, it takes time.

      I can assure you of this fact. The Old Time Radio Researchers Group
      has more new stuff than any other group. Our certified series are
      the best in existance, and we are constancely working to make them

      Otter Project exists to mainly work on logs and ensuring that
      series/episodes/dates/etc are correct, so if you are just a member
      here and not in the OTR Researchers or OTRR Distro group, you are
      missing out on well over half the good stuff. If you say jimb sent
      you, you'll have a 'Golden Ticket' for admittance!
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