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351Re Archie - Re: Realy need help

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  • any_ol_1
    Mar 1, 2004
      > A question for toebig. What information is in your Excel that you
      > want to import into Otter? Could you give me some examples?

      He did this about a month ago... look for "My encode list.xls" in
      the files section of OldTimeRadioCompleteSeries. As far as i know,
      we got his samples to show up as "have"s for what was in otter. He
      seemed to have a lot of stuff not in otter.
      Also look for toebig's other zip files to see the type of lists he
      can generate. Another list is in the "Files for Revision
      folder" "Unprocessed Lists" "Sycamore Collection 001.txt" in this
      groups files section from uncle_sycamore.

      > An import function for other types of logs (rather than the
      > Otter txt file) might be possible in a future version. I would
      > to provide the author of otter with some examples of what our
      > requirements might be in this regard.
      > Archie

      popular requests have been data from other operating systems than
      windows, lists from directory listings (all types, all operating
      systems but dos "dir" and xp are popular), lists from access and SQL,
      lists from listmaker and WhereIsIt. Lately Jim has requestion
      streamload dir format and (unknown) mail client format lists. I've
      been helping people convert/compare their data to otter data and
      back for a few years. The programs are PERL.
      The "requirement" that seems to go beyond the scope of otter is to
      be able to dump more names into it without seperating into series.
      People would like to take existing lists of their collections,or
      their mail folders or their flat files, (not only mp3s) and see how
      complete they are or whats available, and what could be duplicates,
      in one fell swoop. Some ways we've gotten around some problems (and
      adding more) is allow levels of matching on the title and a "memory
      function" of files encountered before. This also slightly goes
      against otter in that no renaming is done, of if things are renamed,
      the original is also stored. Which leads to the concept of a table
      for original name and standardized otter name. It all sort of works.

      Other "requirments" :-)
      Comments in log files. (perhaps) version history in file names or
      somewhere. Perhaps file md5ing or chscksumming field
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