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3109Re: [Otter-Project] Re: Duplicate shows

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  • tasseau{Martillo}fg
    Apr 7, 2005
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      which book?
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      Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 3:44 AM
      Subject: [Otter-Project] Re: Duplicate shows

      --- In Otter-Project@yahoogroups.com, "Andrew Steinberg"
      <nightkey5@y...> wrote:
      > If we are separating the Bing Crosby shows, then we should break
      > Jack Benny into separate logs for:

      I can see the need for both.  A log entry for collections ie

      The Bing Crosby Collection
      The Fred Allen Collection etc

      and also for a different log for the individual series.  Bing Crosby
      hosted Kraft Music Hall but so did a lot of other people and there
      are many other series like this.

      Some people would like to have the whole series and some would like
      to have a collection of shows that a particular person either hosted
      or guest starred in.

      So I propose having both.  Everything pertaining to that star can be
      included in the collections, and then the different series with many

      Now the question becomes - how to do this?  We'd need someone with
      access to Jay H's book in order to asertain different series and set
      them up.  Then to make collections, show with those starts can be
      imported into a 'collection' log, and additional guest starring
      roles from other series included.  RadioGoldIndex is a great place
      to look for persons starring on many series.

      Do I have a volunteer to take on this project?  I could do it, but I
      really don't have the additional time.

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