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3079Re: Big Busines At The Website

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  • Jim Beshires
    Apr 1, 2005
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      March was the biggest month ever for our website! It seems to
      really be taking off with more and more people visiting. Here are
      just a few figures

      Visitors Feb 2661
      March 3329 daily aver 193 with a high of 247

      # of Visits Feb 3950
      March 5991

      Pages viewed Feb 33,076
      March 50,357

      # of Hits Feb 144,876
      March 178,609

      Visitors from 110 different countries

      The artwork, wiki and Otterdatabase received the most visits

      Links from Internet Search Engines - 1774

      We have lots of new stuff up so if you haven't visited in a which,
      plan on paying a visit real soon!


      While there why not visit the artwork gallery and cast a vote for
      your favorite piece of artwork!

      Jim B