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1953Re: Newly Interested person package

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  • ryanellett
    Nov 4, 2004
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      My thoughts were in providing a package for those people that email
      us out of the blue saying, in essence, "OTR looks interesting. I
      don't know what it is, where can I get some?" They may be completely
      computer illiterate, just able to surf the web. That's why I think
      cds would be best, because it takes a bit of know-how to get busy in
      ftp, newgroups, p2p, etc. The real meat of the package, as I
      envision it, are some text files that tell people where they can get
      more, be it on tape, .wav cd, or .mp3. Places they can get it for
      free, ideally, or for cash, if necessary. People contact me
      regularly who are completely unfamiliar with the Yahoo groups, which
      is probably the best place to start. I'd also like some links to
      informative website (Genco, etc.) where complete novices can get an
      idea of what OTR is. I've only been in this four years but I
      remember how much scouring I did before I figured out the ins and
      outs of the hobby. Basically, if Joe Blow walked up to on the street
      and said "I'm interested in OTR. I heard a clip from an old show.
      What do I need to know to get into this?", what would we want to
      provide them?
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