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1910RE: [Otter-Project] Re: Newly Interested person package

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  • Ed
    Nov 1, 2004
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      I'll happily burn a couple of sets. I can'd download masters from the internet
      just now, but I can get US Mail and would forward such disks to handle 3 new
      OTR listeners.


      Quoting "jim.mowery" <jim.mowery@...>:

      > Jim and Ryan,
      > I think you have a good idea here, but I hope you have lots of free burn
      > time. You may find your self-drowning if this is EXTREMELY successful.
      > I say go for it.
      > Jim
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      > Sent: Friday, October 29, 2004 9:14 PM
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      > Subject: [Otter-Project] Re: Newly Interested person package
      > Hello Group!
      > Here is a post from Ryan E concerning a great idea he has. Read it
      > carefully.
      > Jim -
      > Last night's conference got me thinking about ways to aid brand-new
      > collector's that appear with a pleasant frequency on various OTR
      > boards and groups.
      > What if the group put together a 4-5 disc set of 10-20 episodes of
      > the big-name OTR programs as a sort of "introduction" to the hobby?
      > Then, what if I kept a copy of this set at my home and whenever one
      > of these newcomers reared their head anyone could point them to me
      > and say "why, you can start right here." I could burn a copy of this
      > set and send it to them? Here's my caveat: They need to send me
      > blank discs and a prestamped, preaddressed return package. This will
      > prevent me from going broke buying discs and postage.
      > I have done this with people from time to time (send me discs and
      > postage and I burn whatever they want) and they've always been more
      > than happy to such an exchange. All it costs the newbie is a couple
      > bucks in postage and some blank discs and all it costs me is some
      > time, which I can afford.
      > We could then include on the discs files about our group and other
      > resources to build a collection and learn about OTR. I think this
      > could be more helpful than just telling them to "go to this or that
      > Yahoo group and get in on distros" and it would get the group's name
      > and mission out associated with a positive event. It wouldn't really
      > require much work on the group's part other than helping put to
      > gether a set of high-audio-quality episodes that represent the best
      > of OTR. They'd also have to keep their eyes open and be ready to
      > usher these new fawns right to my inbox. No lists or committees or
      > paperwork needed. Just send out discs and postage to me and receive
      > a handy "All You Need to Know to Get Started in Old-Time Radio"
      > package in a week or so.
      > We have created a new section in the members only section of the
      > forum for this
      > www.otterprojectonline.info
      > and Ryan has already posted some suggestions there. Please go, read
      > them, make additional suggestions for items to include or additional
      > material for the files he's preparing.
      > Lets get behind this. Think what a great thing this would have been
      > for you to receive when you first became interested in otr.
      > jimb
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