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1897Re: Newly Interested person package

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  • Stewart Arnold
    Nov 1, 2004
      My ISO idea doesn't have to replace the CD's, just be an additional
      alternative. If half of the sampler packages can be distributed
      electronically it will be easier for those CD burning volunteers to
      keep up with demand.

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      <tasseau@g...> wrote:
      > that is all nice and good, but there are some of us out here that
      still deal with a dial-up that max's out at 28
      > tasseau_M
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      > From: Stewart Arnold
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      > Sent: Monday, November 01, 2004 3:05 AM
      > Subject: [Otter-Project] Re: Newly Interested person package
      > I agree. If you want to control the presentation, create a CD,
      save it as an ISO image, and
      > make it available for download/cd.burning.
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