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147Log Documentation & 21st Precinct

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  • otrwash
    Jan 31, 2004
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      I agree that good documentation is important for an accurate series

      Sources of information are extremely important. Good documentation
      can reduce the amount of revision effort spent on a log. Users would
      know what sources were used. This information should somehow be
      within Otter.

      A CASE IN POINT: "21st Precinct"
      My broadcast log for the series "21st Precinct" is posted to the Old-
      Time Radio Program Logs page at Lou Genco's web site. The address
      for the Log page is:


      During my research I found a great deal of new information on the

      Most OTR sources call the series "Twenty First Precinct"
      or "Twenty-First Precinct." The actual title is "21st Precinct."
      The sources of the this information are the actual series scripts and
      CBS promotional packet.

      The series ran for 12 weeks longer, until November 1, 1956, than
      is noted in any Old-Time Radio reference book. There for a total of
      159 episodes broadcast, not 117 or 125 episodes.

      The lead character, the precinct Captain was played by three
      different actors. Most OTR sources list the Cpt. Kennelly as being
      the lead character throughout the run of the series. This is in
      error. Each time the lead actor changed, the name Captain changed.
      They were:
      Everett Sloane as Frank Kennelly,
      James Gregory as Vincent Cronin, and
      Les Damon as Thomas Keough.

      Summaries of the cast and crew information for the series are given
      in the log.

      "21st Precinct" scripts from the Stanley Niss Collection (Stanley
      Niss wrote and directed the series)
      CBS "21st Precinct" Promotional Packet June, 1953
      Various newspaper sources including the New York Times 1953-56 Radio
      listings. (The New York Times Radio listings were used to verify
      broadcast dates and times.)

      The episode titles for "21st Precinct" were not announced during its

      Collectors have assigned their own episode names. Over
      time, a single episode may have many different episode
      names. Here is an example:

      54/10/27 THE MARK (Title from the Script)
      Collector Episode Titles
      50. 21P Mrs. Parazonie in a Found Money Swindle.mp3
      53. 21P Pigeon Drop.mp3
      72. Twenty First Precinct Tailor Shop Con.mp3
      78. twenty first precinct xxxxxx mrs. parazonie in a found m~50E.mp3
      Mrs Parazonie In A Found Mone.
      Mrs Parazonie In A Found Money Swindle.
      Mrs Parazonie In A Money Swindle.
      Pigeon Drop Scheme
      00-00-00 Mrs Parazonie In A Money Swindle
      Pigeon Drop.mp3
      Tailor Shop Con.mp3
      Bunco Case.mp3

      There is a major problem with the amount of inaccurate title and
      episode availability information for this series. Only about 22 of
      78 episodes are in wide distribution. The remaining so
      called "available" episodes are not in wide distribution.

      Later in the series, 38 scripts were re-used for new productions.
      All but five of the new productions of previously-aired scripts
      occurred during the Gregory/Damon portion of the run. In some cases,
      existing scripts were substantially revised and given new titles.
      All new productions had at least one new cast member; most had
      multiple differences in the casts.

      An important aid in determining if a particular episode was the
      initial airing or new production of a previously-aired script is
      recognizing who played the Captain. Kennelly was played by Everett
      Sloane through episode 109 and in episode 135, James Gregory played
      Cronin in episodes 109 - 144, and Les Damon played Keough in episodes
      145 -159.

      I am in the process of getting access to as many episodes of "21st
      Precinct" as possible so I can assign proper titles and broadcast
      dates to them. I will also assign dates to as many of the Collector
      episode name as possible.

      I plan to compile a text file log as per the document
      Creating Text Log file.txt
      in Files directory.

      I will assign a D in column 1 to
      all of the Collector assigned titles.

      Signing off for now,

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