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4147P&D EMD F3 phase IV kits

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  • rappe_ed
    Mar 10, 2014

      For sale are 3 P&D F3 phase IV kits 2 A units and 1 B unit.  I will sell them as a group or individually

      The A unit kits are comprised of the P&D F7000 body, P&D brass under frame, PDP5791K grab iron set, PDP5140 pilot, PDP5790 cab interior, windshield wipers, OMI brass fuel tank and side skirts, PDP3007 black painted brass  OCS trucks, Pittman 9513B motor, axel gear boxes and drive shafts. Needed to complete are P&D chain drive tower ($40) and shafts available from P&D. The B unit kit is similarly configured but less the pilot, cab interior, and windshield wipers.  Price for an A unit kit is $325, B unit kit $275.   I can deliver them to you at the Chicago Midwest O scale show Saturday March 15, or ship them to you via the service of your choice - you paying actual cost.   My email is edrappe@...

      Ed Rappe