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For Sale On30 Bachmann D&RGW 2-6-0

For sale is a new On30 Bachmann D&RGW 2-6-0 #136 in the black and green scheme. I'm asking just $115 plus shipping for this beautiful locomotive. I accept
Brent Arritt
10:02 AM

For Sale P&D F Parts

P&D parts for sale as a lot. The parts retail for $103.90 and I'm asking $100 shipped to the Lower 48. I take payment by Pay-Pal or by USPS money order.
Brent Arritt
9:39 AM
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For Sale Wagner Car Company Brill Trolley

For Sale is a Wagner Car Company Brill Trolley with body and power truck for $130 shipped in the lower 48. The car has the Wagner power truck and K-Line Body
Brent Arritt
9:39 AM
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For Sale Hiawatha Brass Tender Kit

For Sale Locomotive Workshop Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Tender with PSC Trucks for $140 plus shipping. Please contact me at my email off list for details. I
Brent Arritt
9:38 AM
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WTB: K-Line Diner & Coach Set ~ B&O

I'm in the market for the subject K-Line set; advertised (I believe) as a set of 21-inch cars and sold together as a diner and coach. If you have a set
Apr 18

WTB: Sunset B&O Columbian "Sky Dome" in 2-Rail

Hi, The title almost says it all. The car should be new or very lightly used with no damage. Please reply off-list with condition and price. Thanks, Ed Kelly
Apr 18

FS: Pair of 2-rail roller bearing trucks

I have a pair of 100ton Roller bearing trucks that I believe are Athearn. They were taken off of a gondola that I am converting to Proto48. They roll really
James Lincoln
Apr 18

FS : Champ UP and WP Decals

I found two sets (1 each) of Champ Decals R-19 Pacific Fruit Express SP - UP P old Style Reefer R-8 Western Pacific Refrigerator Car $4.00 each or both for
Apr 18

FS : Perles Pacific Products Dry Transfers

I was looking through my stash of decals and came across a few that might be of interest to the group. Perles Pacific Products Dry Transfers (1 each) XL-8 B
Apr 18

FS:SS Brass PRR Congressional 7 Car Passenger Set.

Up For Sale is a Sunset Seven (7) car Passenger Set. This is their "Upscale" name train. The Congressional. It ran from New York City to Washington DC and
Apr 18

WTB: Weaver RS3 3-rail horizontal motor drive

I¹m looking for a Weaver 3-rail RS3 with the old horizontal motor drive, not the recent two-motor Chinese drive with all the electronics. I would prefer the
Mike Brestel
Apr 17


I have a PRR wood kit painted sides & ends Tuscan $10.00 +ship thanks Ron
Apr 17

Wanted Pacific Electric or C&LE box motor

Looking to purchase any O scale Pacific Electric Box Motor, preferably made by The Car Works. Also looking C&LE Freight motor #635-649 made by The Car Works.
Rob Ashlock
Apr 17

5336 All Nation F-7 A-B-A MINT kits (last chance- will go to aucti

Expand Messages 2 Attachments 2.1 MB 1 MB Save https://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/22887386/or/2069988658/name/F-7+A+unit+parts.jpg?download=1 1.1 MB Save
Apr 17

Max Gray Hoppers cars (4 -- was 5)

Expand Messages bandoray Apr 13 9:42 PM 1 Attachment 1 MB 1 MB Save https://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/22887386/or/441683459/name/5+open+top+Hoppers.jpg?download=1
Apr 17
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