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Re: Removing decals Bruce, meant Micro-Set! Bob D.

10:20 AM

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Re: Removing decals I would think it would work Ken Burney That guy from AR Sent from my iPhone

Ken Burney
10:18 AM

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Re: Removing decals ive had this happen a time or 2.  if the decal is sealed you have a problem.  if not sealed a little warm water and a soft brush and keep working at an

Bob Anson
10:16 AM

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Re: Removing decals Bruce, I recently did this on a model. The Micro-Sol will soften the decal, just be careful picking at the decal, that's what will scratch the paint. See if

10:08 AM

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Removing decals Microscale's "MICRO SET" says on the back of the bottle that the liquid can be use to remove a decal. My question is....Will it damage the paint(Scalecoat I).

9:59 AM

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D&RGW/RGS Short Caboose Kits for Sale Having just bought a Westside import, I checked out my inventory and realized I have too many On3 short cabooses. I have two San Juan #107 kits, untouched in

JGG KahnSr
3:07 AM

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Re: Jig for making variable turnouts? Paul, Warrnambool. About 300 clicks down the coast. Would love to see some actual P48 work. I believe Trevor has moved to Melbourne. Would like to catch up

12:13 AM

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Re: Jig for making variable turnouts? Hi John Where are you sprecifically? There are P48 modellers in Melbourne. Paul Hemsworth Melbourne OZ

11:49 PM

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Re: Jig for making variable turnouts? Hi Russ. Pierre here. I have made a couple of free lanced curved #6 turnouts and a double slip #6. I was surprised how easy they were once the correct

Pierre Marki
6:30 PM

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Re: Jig for making variable turnouts? Gents, in return, Last night I sat down and viewed a CD that Jim Harper had sent me on track laying. It was taken from a recent clinic/workshop that he gave on

1:34 PM

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Re: QSI Ken, The Atlas Geeps - nicely painted L& N units which I usually use to pull a long string of L&N hoppers, evoking childhood memories - were erratic in their

David Vaughn
Mar 4

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Re: QSI Dave if you don't mind me asking, we're some of the problems related to erratic motor control of the units? I too have intermittent problems with some Atlas

Mar 4

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Re: Jig for making variable turnouts? To: OSCALEMODELERS@yahoogroups.com From: OSCALEMODELERS@yahoogroups.com Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2015 09:32:22 -0500 Subject: Re: [OSCALEMODELERS] Jig for making

William Harper
Mar 4

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Re: Jig for making variable turnouts? Hi John - "e'" or no "e", still the same... the reason I asked about your jig is that I can't envision how, or why actually, you would want a *variable *jig. I

Clark Cone
Mar 4

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Re: Jig for making variable turnouts? Gentlemen, I have been reading many posts about building turnouts/switches with jigs. if you want to go that route, just build one for the frog. My

anthony Briggs
Mar 4
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