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27704O Scale West Update

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  • Rod Miller
    Jul 14, 2014
      OSW 2015 is on track for Feb. 5 - 7, 2015.

      Folks asked me about the spring newsletter which wraps up the
      previous meet. Normally it would have been mailed by now.
      By the time the newsletter was completed, changes had occurred
      at our printing source such that we were unable to print it.

      To read the newsletter it must be downloaded from the OSW web site
      Use the navigation section at the top left of the page to jump
      to the section on the page where you can download the newsletter.

      The newsletter contains statistics, contest winners, door prize
      donors, news about Rod's retirement (postponed), clinics that
      were given, and other information about the meet that was held
      in February.

      You are also encouraged to read the section on changes and get
      your comments and suggestions to OSW.
      Rod Miller
      Custom 2-rail O Scale Models: Drives, | O Scale West / S West
      Repairs, Steam Loco Building, More | 2015 Meet is Feb 5 - 7
      http://www.rodmiller.com | http://www.oscalewest.com
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