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27698Car bodies out of o.100" acrylic/plexiglas/lucite?

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  • Bob Colquitt
    Jul 11 3:03 PM
      Has anyone thought of using acrylic/plexiglas/lucite as car body material?

      10+ years ago there used to be a surplus center in S Jersey know for it
      telescopes & WW2 sub periscope. They also had a surplus room with the

      If you can remember the projection TVs of that era, plex screens were
      offered to protect the projection TV screens. Last night I measured the
      wall thickness of an Atlas DS wood USRA box car - ~.125" thick. My plex,
      IIRC is only o.100" thick. I have used Plastruct cement to glue plex
      before & it works nicely.

      The ends & doors of the Atlas are real close to a UP B-50-11 box which
      the late Terry Metcalf wrote 2 articles in his UP Modeler - one on proto
      & one how to build.

      Thanks for any suggestions!

      -=- Bob Colquitt
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