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27691Re: [OSCALEMODELERS] Re: Chateau Martin Wine Car,

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  • Rod Miller
    Jul 10, 2014
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      On 7/10/14, 10:28 AM, dbenbrown@... [OSCALEMODELERS] wrote:
      > George, It would appear that the Chateau Martin cars were all second hand
      > obtained when the milk companies stopped using the tank cars. Photos on Jim
      > Lancaster's site indicate most were either ex-MDT or GPEX cars. Both of these
      > cars have been previously well done on O Scale. Lionel's car is the MDT body.
      > Details can be seen in plans in Bob Mohowski's Book covering O&W milk
      > operations. The GPEX 40' body was done by Rails Unlimited in a built up resin
      > body. Plans for that car exist in the March 1986 issue of RMC. Ben Brown
      > http://coastdaylight.com/chatmart/cmwx_roster_1.html
      George, I have several of the Lionel cars 2-railed and
      painted and lettered for CM. Brass coupler adapter plates
      are available from me. Decals are available from Protocraft.
      email me off-group for info on the conversion; I have
      photos of the finished cars you can view.
      Rod Miller
      Custom 2-rail O Scale Models: Drives, | O Scale West / S West
      Repairs, Steam Loco Building, More | 2015 Meet is Feb 5 - 7
      http://www.rodmiller.com | http://www.oscalewest.com
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